As AVAG, we continue to support the spirit of this community by running Wildgoose Space as an affordable and accessible work and leisure space. We are delighted by the wide variety of positive activities and events that we host here and with any surplus we make on running costs each year, we offer this surplus back  out to local groups and individuals through a small grants scheme, giving out between £50 and £200 grants to anyone applicant, until our current surplus is all used up.

Wildgoose Space Small Grants Scheme: May 2016 to 2017:

The total surplus from last year and available for small grants now up until May 2017 is £1000.00.

If you have a small project or idea that you would like to receive between £50 and £100 for, from this surplus fund, please send us an email  with your request – outlining a bit about your idea and how this money might be useful to you.

We will publish all details of the grants we do give out here.